The Top 7 Reasons Black People Hate Vegans

So I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the Black-Health culture, and somehow it led me into a rabbit hole and forged the question ” why do Black people hate vegans?” So I’ve gathered data through social media, my hate for milk and articles online which helped me create: 
The top 7 reasons black people hate vegans:
Black People love chicken, according to studies, two things bring black People together: the electric slide and fried/BBQ chicken. So by removing chicken you essentially remove A LARGE PART of the black experience. That’s something we aren’t ready for, and for anyone to want to part themselves from this glorious event, they must be the enemy.

*disclaimer: studies show that people who eat a lot of chicken/meat tend to be unhealthy.. considering there’s a Popeyes on every block in the hood. Touché. 

They’re pretentious. 

Being pretentious is very subjective in my opinion, how do you even define that?. While vegans make up 2% of the population, this minority group has managed to ruffle the feathers of Black America due to their stance on living a healthier lifestyle and using their platform to speak about it. I would be lying if I said Assh*** vegans didn’t exist, something about being healthy around people who aren’t ” as healthy” will always make you an asshole. And for the most part most vegans keep quiet in fear of public ridicule and hateful jokes.
* disclaimer: African Americans lead the league in every negative health category ; heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, obesity… that’s not healthy. 

Vegans love (living) animals and The environment.
How dare a group of people hate the killing, cruelty, slaughtering farms of innocent animals…Reducing greenhouse gas emissions, massive water and air pollution, soil erosion and contamination. These guys are are something else. 
* Disclaimer : Captain Planet hated that too… and he was BLACK! . My childhood is ruined!

Vegetables aren’t fun
Most Black kids grew up hearing ” You better eat your veggies before I make you eat em” so this early childhood trauma has impacted us so much that we can’t understand why anyone would want to eat so much veggies .. willingly.
*disclaimer: veggies are healthy, high in fiber, some EVEN have protein, while most of them contain many of the essential vitamins and minerals we need while helping with weight maintenance… 

It appears that most vegans are white.
That’s a fair point

( vegans Take up a small iota of the population but this group seems to carry a level of privilege; resources to pick from, healthy food locations, and a “voice” on what healthy “should” look like in a world where white beauty standards were the only ones we were shown for a while.)
Vegans don’t eat bacon. 
This is a tough one, I’ve done studies to show that bacon can actually have positive effects on ones body if used the right way, so I’m torn… but, Black America has heralded bacon as a way to fight a cold, cancer, even repair race relations. I can’t argue this one. 
*disclaimer: sodium is one of the leading causes of high blood pressure, the average stripe of. bacon contains over 195mg which is very high considering the recommended daily intake. 

And lastly…

Vegans love imitation food. 

They make cupcakes, cookies, muffins and a whole bunch of stuff without any butter, cream, cheese, milk..they even make friend un’chicken which doesn’t require meat… to be honest, that’s a great thing! They’re removing the things we don’t need, saving a planet and still managed to create brownies… HOW DARE THEY!! 
So I get it, aside from the moral ” oh, so you think your better than me cause you consciously care more” (black) people might hate vegans, because of they aren’t one. 


Chicken Does Not Cause Cancer…Don’t listen To “They”

I pen this poem about my beloved chicken due to the fact that I was raised on it, created my size from it, and can’t see myself living a life without it…. Yes, I get I’m being dramatic but as a person who observes health and fitness on a nerd level I had to do research into the claims that ” Chicken causes cancer” so let’s break it down
Why do they say chicken causes cancer ?
Due to the fact they put arsenic in the chicken( which they have been doing since 1940)
Well, why do they put arsenic in the chicken if it’s considered cancerous ?
Well, it’s used to combat blackhead disease; however, arsenic combined with other drugs also increase weight gain and create a “healthy color” in poultry meat.
So, how exactly does that create the cancerous cells in the chicken that we eat?
It’s complicated but scientists acknowledged that under the “right” conditions, the arsenic used in animals can  morph into the more toxic inorganic arsenic.

Ohhhh, so what are u defending exactly ?
Well for starters, the title that chicken causes cancer is extremely misleading.. It doesn’t, assuming they are under the wrong conditions we may have a recall problem but since 1940… We haven’t ( due to arsenic usage)
So why do you think they are pitching this 1+ 1=2 idea?
My theory to be honest is, we are losing America as a country to obesity and this “new study” is a way to get people to cut back on chicken.. Why? Simple, some characteristics of meat eaters are : they tend to workout less, eat less fruits and vegetables, take in less fiber and tend to take in more total calories.
Now, look lets at the type of cancer that these people tend to get: intestinal cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon,bowel cancers  which are all  energy driven cancers which means there’s a cause and effect, so if your eating a lot of meat,processed meats, high fats, and consuming too many calories.. The chance of getting cancer is higher and it has zero to do with the arsenic placed in poultry.

Hmm.. I see what your saying
You know what else has arsenic?.. Everything :

– soil


– fruits



So should we stop eating all of these things?
No exactly, there’s a difference between organic arsenic and inorganic arsenic. Most of these things are organic which is proven to have little to no health risk involved. The problem(like mentioned before) is under the wrong conditions these chicken may still contain them instead of shitting them out, that now puts chicken at risk of becoming “inorganically induced chicken” ( which is a problem)
So when they say that chicken causes cancer, they are really saying chicken can cause cancer if things go wrong with the production of chicken, fortunately, in December of 2015, the FDA agreed to stop using the drug to help grow our beloved chicken. I should mention, they stopped using Roxarsone which is one of the few arsenic that are used on chicken.. So you, your food still has it, just less of it.
So what’s the point here? This all sounds like funny bullshit
Simple, eat what your going to eat, but moderation and a balanced nutrition program is key, anything at this point can cause cancer if your not careful… according to “they”.
* grabs baked chicken off the skillet with my barehands and proceeds to enjoy it *

QLFs Top 20 Fruit Ranking by Sugar intake (20-15)

Wise man told the other wise man… ” Too much of a good thing is sometimes not a good thing “.
While that sounds weird, it’s actually true. And health and fitness is a prime example of this. Which is what makes it so hard for people to be successful in this arena. Often times we think we are doing the right thing by drinking all these smoothies , taking away 99% of our carb intake, and even running in place on a conveyor belt for 10 hours straight just to find out that 
” Too much of a good thing can kill you” 

*not literally, but then again…. Why not literally *

I say all that to say this: what them sneaky fruits, they can hurt you just like they help you. Most times when people start a ” eat right program”. The fist thing they do is head to the local grocery store and pack their carts with every fruit in the aisle. While that’s not a bad thing at all, keep in mind that fruits have sugar. Yes, I know, it’s natural sugar- natural sugar verses added sugar is actually a lot closer than you think. In fact, there’s no real difference. Both of these sugars are ultimately broken down into fructose and glucose, which are metabolized the same once they reach your gut.

But, Because the sugar in fruits is paired with fiber and water, it’s released much more slowly into your body, providing you with a consistent stream of energy, which In turn is a reason to NOT think your apple is as good as your poptarts. 

According to the American Heart Association, the maximum amount of added sugars you should eat in a day are : 

Men: 150 calories per day (37.5 grams or 9 teaspoons). Women: 100 calories per day (25 grams or 6 teaspoons).

Now that we got that out the way, let’s actually cover the best and worst fruits to have from a sugar perspective. This might get depressing, I suggest you have a seat before you read anymore. 
20) bananas 18.3g of sugar 

The thing about the banana is, it  can help you sleep, build lean muscle, and burn fat, but compared to other fruits they’re pretty high in sugar and carbs, my suggestion: stick to one five-inch portion a day. This ensures you’ll reap all the fruit’s benefits with ought gaining inches on the waistline. 
19) Sweet Cherries 17.7g

I didn’t know people ate this outside of sex scenes in movies but One cup of these guys has about 306 milligrams of potassium, which helps keep blood pressure in check. And they are pretty high in fiber (3g) so manage to only eat a serving size of them.
17). Plum 16.4g of sugar 

The plum is interesting because they have the abilty to ward off contracting diabities , obesity , or even high blood pressure. Yet and still, you have to be carful with how many you eat. God has a great sense of humor. 

16) Pinapple 16.3g of sugar 

The cool thing about the Pinapple is, it’s considered  is one of nature’s best sources of manganese, which is essential for energy production. A cup provides 76 percent of your daily recommended intake, making pineapple nature’s answer to Red Bull.

15) Kiwi 16.2g of sugar 

I’m gonna assume most of us have been eating kiwis all wrong. Did you know The skin of kiwi fruits contain cholesterol-lowering fiber, antioxidants, and immune-boosting vitamin C ? Thank me later. But while this is great watch the amount of them you take in.

Iight, so BOOM… You guys just got the first five out of 20 on the ranking ! Stay tuned for the rest this week. 
* makes a smoothie as he watches the word burn * 

Snacks Save Lives 

Irresponsible snacking is the diet killer. And when I say diet I don’t mean that temporary “get slim quick” starve yourself for 3 months diet. I mean diet as in this is what you eat daily-may it be good or terrible. 

Anyways, having a treat or something bad occasionally is fine, making it a daily ritual, not so much. When considering your snacks keep in mind. A snickers bar is not a good snack, nor is potato chips or any other sugar laden “food”.

So here are some nutritious, tasty but low cal snack options that I’ve been using over the last couple weeks of this challenge. 

Peanuts and all their nut cousins (I try to get low sodium options) – I like pistachios and peanuts 
Fruit – I like apples, plums, kiwis, grapes, and berries
Raw veggies – broccoli, peppers, carrots 
Shrimp cocktail – I can get fancy. 
Popcorn (2 cups) – for Netflix and chill nights. 
Salsa & chips!
Yogurt- I ideally try to keep it Greek yogurt. 
1 packet of instant oatmeal, yes, I know old fashion oatmeal is better, but God is still working on me. 


If you want to put things into high gear, portion out your snacks for the week, so you don’t over eat. Keeping yourself full also will prevent you from over eating. And don’t eat till the point you feel stuffed. Snacks between meals will provide you with the necessary nutrients so you don’t over eat. 

I figure I’m eating 1200 calories for the day,( everybody’s intake is different ) use them wisely. Don’t waste them on things like greasy chips and candy. 
Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 

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Is Stress Weighing You Down?


Usually when people think of stress related weight, they think weight loss. But stress can also make you fat. And I don’t mean 5 or 10 pounds fat I mean like 25+ pounds fat. 
I know this because I’ve lived it. I’ve spent the last few weeks focusing on emotional and mental health because it can and does significantly impact your physical well being. 
In 2009, I weighed 188 pounds and I didn’t even know it. Now if you recall I’m 5’2 so think about how much weight that is on my frame. I had no clue I weighed that much. My eating habits weren’t that different than my current ones, small and balanced portions. But I did eat more sugar back then in comparison to now. And it wasn’t until my then boyfriend blatantly called me fat one day did I realize that I packed on the pounds. Unlike most people, I was at advantage. Usually when I gain weight it’s evenly distributed throughout my body, so I didn’t really notice the weight. I went to the doctor shortly after and sure enough 188 pounds sat there mocking me on the scale. My doctor was scared for my healthy bc she said my test results showed that I was otherwise healthy and she didn’t understand how I got so big, so quickly. 
So now I became self conscious of my weight and trying everything to lose it, even those weight loss pills, (by the way they don’t work). 

Nothing worked. Six weeks after my doctor’s visit I break up with my boyfriend and two weeks later people start telling me I look like I’ve lost weight. I get on the scale it reads 142. I immediately contact the doctor. During our visit she tells me she believes the weight gain is stress related. 

And after two weeks I lost 17 more pounds. Which is absurd! Who would’ve thought such s thing was possible. 
Why does this happen?

According to WebMD, stress releases both the adrenaline and cortisol hormones. Adrenaline gives you the energy meanwhile cortisol helps you to replenish. So basically, elevated cortisol levels will leave you feeling famished causing you to eat more. Furthermore, chronic stress, (and this is particularly common with women), can cause one to store visceral fat. 

See below….


So what can you do?

Well as I’ve told you over the past few weeks shit happens. Life happens. It’s about how you handle it. Monitor your stress and energy levels. Channel that energy into something that will makes you less stressed. 
Now I’m not saying all your fat comes from  stress related issues or any of it. For that matter  But there’s a possibility that some of it can build from here, just be mindful. 


Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 
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LIFT THE FORK: The Leftovers (Bonus Footage) w/ Kris Kasanova


The Feedback and love for episode one has been great!! And because you guys have been great supporters we want to leave you with some “food for the soul, you do the dishes” moment with Kris Kasanova at Natural Blend in Brooklyn! We got to touch on some deep topics about hip hop and being healthy. Enjoy. 


LIFT THE FORK ep1 s2 Natural Blend, Brooklyn w/ Kris Kasanova


Season 2 of Lift The Fork is officially underway and we are shaking some things up this time around! Irv returns with a new sidekick Robin J. This season, Irv and Robin J are bringing some friends for the ride as they uncover the tastiest, healthiest eats in NYC. 
For this episode they take it to the borough of Brooklyn and are joined by local rapper Kris Kasanova. Dining at Natural Blend- a restaurant specializing in Jamaican-Vegan cuisine, the three dig in to some Caribbean classics with a twist, while convincing Kris not to put Hennessy in his Wheatgrass. Hope you’re hungry!



Eating My Feelings Part 5

Between social media and fitness magazines I’m surprised more people don’t suffer from depression. These outlets make a “30 day weight loss” transformation seem so easy. And while I understand that dedication equals results,  I’m here to tell you it’s not that’s simple when factoring the lifestyles of many .  The one thing I don’t see often discussed is emotional eating. So, this week I’m not going to talk about my progress, but rather I want to address a common road block.

When people often think of emotional eating, it’s generally associated with depression and morbid obesity. You can be pleasantly plump, like myself, or severely slim and be depression free all awhile  being an emotional eater. This is probably the number two reason, besides the fact that I’m addicted to sugar why Im still having a hard time successfully changing  my eating habits.


See I don’t just indulge when I’m having a bad day, sometimes I do it because I’m celebrating a good oneListen, I can find any excuse to justify eating some bad shit. I’m learning how to stop. And it’s something a lot of people  deal with but don’t openly discuss. We have to find a better alternative to obtaining that comfort. It’s hard because certain foods release endorphins or give you sort of a high and have you feeling all warm inside. And once you get that feeling, well it’s pretty damn hard to resist, especially when you’re having a shitty day. So I get it. However, it’s not getting you or me any closer to that flatter tummy.


What is my strategy?

  • Stay away from certain restaurants
  • Leave  my wallet when I go out or keep a limited amount of cash
  • Using exercise as an outlet instead of food
  • Making healthier food choices
  • Drink more water 

While I’ve been under much less stress in comparison to the months prior to this project, I find myself eating less and less due to bad day and more because I feel the need to reward myself. You know, like “hey Nia you did great today on your run, killed those splits, you should try out that new donut shop.

So right now I’m just focusing on changing that behavior, and hopefully that will help these abs muscles struggling to poke through my fat. In the meantime, I’m not watching the scale, just focusing on changing these habits that will help me get closer to that goal.

Nia Raquelle is Brooklyn native, currently having a secret love affair with desserts while in a long term relationship with long distance running. 

Follow her antics on IG, EatWithNia, SnapChat, GarminConnect – EatWithNia
And you can challenge her to a run on the Nike+ app – NiaRaquelle. She might beat you though. 

The Truth About FitTea’s

*puts on bullet proof vest, jumps into armored vehicle, uses the megaphone to tell you all…*
Soon as the weather broke, so did my Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It went from seeing pictures of my friends, trainers, and classy ladies that worked the night shift at lust to a cesspool of propaganda, and liars( might be the devil).

One thing I’ve realized while being a leader in the fitness industry is that selling hope is as American as Apple pie. Cashing in on the millions of men and women with body insecurities is now a 42 billion dollar scheme. So, just in time, right before the temperature rises to a consistent 85 degrees and the 

bikini bodies are all out on displayed in every Instagram post . The re-emergence of Fit Teas and detox teas are now at an all-time high.

 All showing amazing weight loss transformation photos and (corporate) testimonials about the success of their product.Some of them promote “100% natural” ingredients, “formulated by experts”, and the best one is : 

 “literally drink away your body fat”.

Now, I would be lying if I said I didn’t get the appeal of this ” miracle drug”. We live in a microwave society were we don’t cherish the process as much as we do the product ( I blame Dr. Miami) so when something like this comes along and flashes all the things you want out of your fitness life in a magical tea bag… Why wouldn’t you jump on it ? 


Simple, Because your reading this blog post. Here’s the lowdown on why detox teas aren’t all they’re cracked up to be:

They are diuretics
Most detox teas combine caffeine and diuretics. What that simply mean is, you’ll flush out a lot of water weight but it will have zero to little impact on your actually body fat. When taken in strong enough doses they can start removing fluid from organs too. Given that our bodies are roughly 60-70% water there’s a lot of 

potential for fluid loss, so the scales will show you that you’re lighter and you’re a ” new you” but since You’re also likely to find yourself suffering nausea, headaches, dizziness and lack of concentration due to dehydration. It’s a good chance you end up stopping, go back to a normal eating routine, and gain some of that weight back. 

Prepare to spend a lot of your time like this..
They are laxatives
We are so hungry for results, we don’t care what we put into our body; irony. Now, If you look at the list of ingredients you’ll notice most detox teas contain senna – a natural laxative. This means that your body will expel whatever is in your bowel; water, faeces and natural bacteria. The intestinal tract contains approximately 2-3kg of good bacteria lining the bowel and anywhere between 2-10kg of faecal matter at any time, which is why “genuine”

testimonials talk about noticing a decrease in bloating – their abdomen is actually flatter because their intestines are now basically completely empty….However removing the beneficial and protective bacteria compromises your ability to digest and 

absorb nutrients and eliminate food-borne pathogens, and unfortunately this can take months to replenish itself. So in short, want a flat stomach, let’s take out your entire stomach. 

You have to exercise and eat right for it to work 
The tea companies recommend you do a teatox while following a healthy, nutritious diet. 
* blank stare * 
Soooo, if they diet and exercise… AND TAKE THE TEA!!!!!!! They can lose weight ?

Ohhhh! It’s the tea!! All of life problems! Can be solved with this tea!! You apparently need all three to lose weight according to them. 
* blank stare *
Because, if they just diet and exercise they can still lose Wei… Never-mind 

Your body already has a detoxification system
It’s called your liver, and it does an amazing job of filtering and removing toxins without any herbal help. And while some of the teas may contain compounds shown to stimulate the liver, it would do its job just as well without the tea by simply no longer putting a major strain on the liver by the using – alcohol, illicit drugs, cigarettes, medications and excessive sodium.

What have we learned today? 
Instagram is a liar. You know what to do if you want to lose weight and get in shape, stop settling for 15 seconds of (already) fit chicks telling you to use a product they were paid to endorse and never used. 
* heads back to the explore page… God bless lust entertainment club 

How To Work Off Junk Food

So I’ve come to a realization; I won’t be able to reach everybody with my Moses version of the “fitness commandments “. in fact, Some people are going to read my blogs, tweets, and Facebook post while on line to order a number 5 from Popeyes and say ” fuck off Irv ” but since I love yall like Kanye loves Kanye, I figured why not give you the blueprint on how to work off them (un)wanted calories  and what it would take. 
 So In short, considering that the average person workouts for 50min we are basically content with committing 20 to 30min just working off that one beer. Cruel summer approaching.

  It would take the average man an hour of cardio or an hour and 20min of weightlifting to burn off 3 pieces of chicken. While it will take women an hour and 15min of cardio and almost 2 hours of weight lifting. Which means that your officially a chicken now. 
  So since my plan to burn down every McDonald’s in America is not going as planned be prepared to spend almost an hour of working out just to cleanse the soul of a burger. Good luck. 
  Ladies , 15-20min to burn the calories from a soda and fellas, 10 to 15min… JUST DRINK WATER!! 
  So with this chocolate cake ladies and gentlemen, you now officially live in the gym, pay rent, and have to cover the sauna bill. The average person burn between 500-650 calories per workout so you would need  to clear your schedule just to get rid of that birthday cake. 
 20 to 30 min to burn this chocolate bar off, now ask yourself … Do you really need it ? 

* puts on math glasses* 

Let’s put this into perspective. Since most people find themselves eating/drinking this list of items everyweek, let’s break down how much time you will need to spend working out to burn off this addiction 

Men, It would take us:

Cardio : 308min = 5 hours and 13 min

Weightlifting : 412min = 6 hours and 52 min

Women, it would take yall:

Cardio : 368min= 6 hours and 8min

Weightlifting: 492min= 8 hours and 2min

Now, thats just about a week in the gym just to burn off 6 meals ( you actually need to eat 5 to 6 meals a day) Which will now put you behind in losing weight or gaining muscle mass cause your literally chasing 6 meals for 5-6 days.
My job here is done * walks into sal’s pizza store with a picture of Malcolm X, Jay-Z, and Mike Tyson! To put on the wall *