#QLF Presents: Lift The Fork

I’m speechless… Thank you!

A Lovers Ambition Lifestyle Group

Episode 1 – Calista Superfoods

As I was cleaning out my LinkedIn inbox earlier today, I came across a gentleman by the name of Wize Grazette aka Wize Soul. Wize happens to be the Host and Founder of The Encore Radio Show. While checking out his site, I came across a very interesting video series entitled, “Lift The Fork.” Upon further research, “Lift The Fork” focuses on seeking out and promoting healthy food options within our community. I personally think this is an awesome initiative!

As a call to action, Irv “Zeus” Hyppolite of the Quantum Leap Fitness Podcast teamed up with Kristin Coral, Actress and co-host of the Red Light Special R&B Podcast and Julius Stukes a.k.a. Funny Julius for the launch of the #QLF Lift The Fork Series.

So far, the series has birthed 7 episodes. All of these episodes take place at various eateries…

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