How To Work Off Junk Food

So I’ve come to a realization; I won’t be able to reach everybody with my Moses version of the “fitness commandments “. in fact, Some people are going to read my blogs, tweets, and Facebook post while on line to order a number 5 from Popeyes and say ” fuck off Irv ” but since I love yall like Kanye loves Kanye, I figured why not give you the blueprint on how to work off them (un)wanted calories  and what it would take. 
 So In short, considering that the average person workouts for 50min we are basically content with committing 20 to 30min just working off that one beer. Cruel summer approaching.

  It would take the average man an hour of cardio or an hour and 20min of weightlifting to burn off 3 pieces of chicken. While it will take women an hour and 15min of cardio and almost 2 hours of weight lifting. Which means that your officially a chicken now. 
  So since my plan to burn down every McDonald’s in America is not going as planned be prepared to spend almost an hour of working out just to cleanse the soul of a burger. Good luck. 
  Ladies , 15-20min to burn the calories from a soda and fellas, 10 to 15min… JUST DRINK WATER!! 
  So with this chocolate cake ladies and gentlemen, you now officially live in the gym, pay rent, and have to cover the sauna bill. The average person burn between 500-650 calories per workout so you would need  to clear your schedule just to get rid of that birthday cake. 
 20 to 30 min to burn this chocolate bar off, now ask yourself … Do you really need it ? 

* puts on math glasses* 

Let’s put this into perspective. Since most people find themselves eating/drinking this list of items everyweek, let’s break down how much time you will need to spend working out to burn off this addiction 

Men, It would take us:

Cardio : 308min = 5 hours and 13 min

Weightlifting : 412min = 6 hours and 52 min

Women, it would take yall:

Cardio : 368min= 6 hours and 8min

Weightlifting: 492min= 8 hours and 2min

Now, thats just about a week in the gym just to burn off 6 meals ( you actually need to eat 5 to 6 meals a day) Which will now put you behind in losing weight or gaining muscle mass cause your literally chasing 6 meals for 5-6 days.
My job here is done * walks into sal’s pizza store with a picture of Malcolm X, Jay-Z, and Mike Tyson! To put on the wall *

A Black Women’s Hair & Exercise 

In the last couple years we’ve seen the resurgence of black women embracing their natural hair; whether kinky, straight, short, or long and I for one am a fan, but with this movement of black women rocking their natural hair out comes the anger of sweating it out-in the gym. Every week I’m on the receiving end of death threats from clients who have to go to the salon more often due to me putting them through an hour and a half of training. While I’m sure they won’t kill me,right? I do understand their plight but it led me to thinking” is this a reason some African American women don’t want to workout.”?

I figured by understanding the financial investment in her hair helps explain why there is apprehension to exercise. I did some research ( asked some cool ladies on Twitter ) and found out that Black woman often times go to the salon and spend up to $50 to 200 per visit on hair service. Now, after spending money on that it makes sense that many women feel that it would be a waste their money to “sweat out” their hairstyle at the gym. Any woman who has naturally curly or coarse hair understands the difficulty of keeping their hair straightened, while working up a sweat.

According to a recent study conducted by the Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center, in Winston-Salem, N.C., 31% of the 103 African-American women surveyed admitted that they exercise less because it may harm their hairstyle.(that’s about 2 out of every 5 women)
So with all that being said… I’m here to save the day or your hair, whichever sounds better. Let’s start by listing the top five things women of color can do to maintain their hair while working out.
Use dry shampoo. 

Spray it directly onto roots before your workout to absorb sweat and oils
A “spritz”

So I’ve been told that lightly spraying your scalp after exercise with olive oil, shea butter spray, or argan oil to rejuvenate hair, reduce frizz, and offer a sweet natural smell.( I wonder if coconut oil counts too)
Wrap hair up with a satin scarf.

A satin scarf will help soak up the sweat while you work out and protect your style. If you don’t want to cover your entire head, try folding the scarf in half and using it as a headband.
Cornrow or twist or bantu knots

This is called a “protective style” by doing so you prevent your hair from shrinking. 
pineapple’ updo.
First you should get a sweat-absorbent headband and then pin your hair up, ( I know way too much at this point) you can help keep your hair away from sweat on your scalp, forehead and back of your neck which obviously won’t hurt your look. 

Iight, BOOM… my job here is done. You can catch me at the next “all natural” beautiful black women convention passing around these tips on cue cards to pretty Nubians. Until then, go forth and prosper. 

#QLF: Lift The Fork Ep.5 – Freshark Juice Bar & Grill, Long Island

We hope you came hungry! Irv and Kris take you to Freshark Juice Bar & Grill in Rockville Centre Long Island. This place offers some of the tastiest dishes, hands down. When it comes to good food, textures and flavors are key, and Freshark’s unique recipes make for a great breakfast, lunch and dinner. We had pancakes with agave syrup, Mediterranean salads, quinoa veggie burgers and so much more! Check it out!


Freshark Juice Bar & Grill: 

312 Sunrise Highway

Rockville Centre NY 11570


Lift The Fork Ep.4: Energy Fuel -Fort Greene

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Energy fuel Ft Greene

386 Myrtle Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11205

Coconut Oil Can Save The World


Over the last two years Coconut oil has moved up the ranks from being that product women used to control their hair and skin to being one of the leading products in health, fitness, and lifestyle. It really does fix everything, seriously, everything. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised if this stuff is exactly what the good folks of Flint Michigan are missing to fix this water crisis(please donate). But before you head out there with a tube of oil here are some great benefits to coconut oil and why it should be in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, and if you’re like me…your car( don’t ask).

We’re going to keep this as PG-13 as possible, i’m trying to be a good example this year. so let’s dig in: coconut oil is all natural( unlike normal lubricant) and doesn’t contain any preservatives or added ingredients that can cause adverse reactions in people with allergies, also keep in mind it’s way more lubricating than a water-based version so it lasts longer so it won’t get sticky and you can rock all night .Another cool point is that Coconut oil has also been shown to be anti-fungal, so it can help keep nasty yeast infections away. while all of that sounds good, one of the best parts is It even works great as a massage oil before, after, and during sex.
Without getting too Bill Nye the Science on you guys, coconut oil’s ability to control hunger is may be one of the best features this product has. It also improves digestion by helping the body to absorb fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium all while helping you lose body fat. “ to lose fat, you have to eat fat” so adding a daily serving or two of coconut oil can actually help your body to maintain stable blood-sugar levels by promoting the efficient production and use of insulin, thus providing more glucose to give you energy and help you lose weight. lastley, since this oil is high in good fats add it to your shake, frying pan, and even your coffee. 



I sit here before you as a living testament of the muscle building factors of coconut oil.coconut oil taken before training has the potential to enhance performance, as the body would use the fats in addition to carbohydrates to power you through your exercise. its also a great post-workout drink or meal additive. nutrients from it will stimulate insulin secretion(this is the hormone that will pump nutrients into the muscles) thus allowing you to gain lean mucle mass faster. 
coconut oil can improve the moisture and content of the skin. It can also be very protective against hair damage. If you have dandruff or dry hair, coconut oil is full of the fatty acids that can improve these conditions. Now we finally get why all the amazing natural hair girls have been hiding this under their beds. 
They also can kill a specific bacteria that has been known as increasing the risk of stomach cancer called helicobacter pylori. It’s believed the introduction of coconut oil can prevent cancer from developing!

At this point i’m going to go out on a limb and say that coconut oil can get rid of Donald Trump, restore Beat Up sneakers, defend steph curry and even stop racism. Make sure you head to your local grocery store and buy the one bottle that’s going to singlehandedly change your life. 
*Puts on a shrine and prays *