QLF : Lift The Fork- Healthy Nibbles, Brooklyn EP.3

We’re in for another trip to find some of the healthiest food around! Me and Kris head to Healthy Nibbles in Brooklyn, Yes BROOKLYN!!! and show you how you can enjoy a tasty lunch and…….DESSERT! That’s right, we all know a good meal is concluded by a sweet dessert-especially when it’s organic. Step out of your comfort zone and get in on this!with music by Kris Kasanova 

Healthy Nibbles 

305 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
(718) 636-5835




  1. says

    I’m from Brooklyn & I didn’t know there was such a plcae… well, until now, of course. I have to check it out next time I’m in town! I LIVE for ice cream. Well, not literally, but you get it. That vegan ice cream seems like a better choice over my caramel apple ice cream & it looks delicious! I’m gunna have some lucky guy take me to Healthy Nibbles next time I’m in BK. Thanks for the knowledge, as usual. I will be leaving a review. The show was great! I really get more of a feel for both of your personalities with each passing episode.

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