VOL 1 Issue 5

I know you guys missed this segment, so let’s get right to it!
Today’s workout is brought to you by my client which means brought to you by me. The session was about total body movement so we created workouts that targeted the three major muscle groups ( lower body, upper body, and core) 
WORKOUT: Zeus Crawl 

First start off in a push-up position 

Raise your hips towards the sky while keeping your legs straight 

Walk your feet in 4-8 steps while keeping them straight; This create tension on the abdominal area.

Walk hands out 4-8 steps which will now put your body back to it’s original position 

Perform one push-up ( my client is holding a weight in. Each hand, that’s optional ) 

Repeat by raising hips, walking legs in, and walking hands forward the same amount of steps 
What Does this Workout Work:
This workout is a great total

Body exercise.it focuses on using the upper body and lower body in an isolated position while forcing the core to be engaged! 
Try this one out and leave comments below to let me know how it went ! 

YOUR NEXT REP: Follow me on Twitter and IG and feel free to share and comment. All workout (and thought) partners are welcome!

In the NYC area and interested in improving your fitness level? Let’s get started!


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