VOL 1 Issue 5

I know you guys missed this segment, so let’s get right to it!
Today’s workout is brought to you by my client which means brought to you by me. The session was about total body movement so we created workouts that targeted the three major muscle groups ( lower body, upper body, and core) 
WORKOUT: Zeus Crawl 

First start off in a push-up position 

Raise your hips towards the sky while keeping your legs straight 

Walk your feet in 4-8 steps while keeping them straight; This create tension on the abdominal area.

Walk hands out 4-8 steps which will now put your body back to it’s original position 

Perform one push-up ( my client is holding a weight in. Each hand, that’s optional ) 

Repeat by raising hips, walking legs in, and walking hands forward the same amount of steps 
What Does this Workout Work:
This workout is a great total

Body exercise.it focuses on using the upper body and lower body in an isolated position while forcing the core to be engaged! 
Try this one out and leave comments below to let me know how it went ! 

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The F Word 

*With the recent stir about the new Ebony Magaizne cover, I felt it was only right to revamp a past post and use these beautiful women as the foundation to my blog. while This blog centers the amazing documentary called ” Nothing To Loose” the position of big women everywhere can resonate with performance artist and everyday citizens around the world* 


“We often talk about the fear of the ‘other’ – but [the big-bodied person] is not ‘other’, it’s your colleague at work, or it could be your mother, sister, neighbor. And everyone has issues with their body. Even supposedly small people can think they’re large – it’s how you identify.”- Kate Champion

I haven’t seen ‘Nothing Left to Lose’ yet because I can’t find it (so Tech Queens and Online Link Gawds, please holla in the comments) but from watching a ton of clips and reading just about every article I can find on it, I’m definitely intrigued. The word “fat” has become a slanderous, disrespectful term used in the media and that negative connotation has become a part of our lexicon. It’s as if I should type it out as “F**” to avoid problems. The question is, why? ‘Fat’ is a noun describing a person. That’s it. But somehow we’ve made it a catch-all for various negative, unattractive or indulgent human ways of being. As in:

‘I ate two cupcakes; I’m acting/feel so fat today.’
(How does one ACT fat, exactly?)
‘She’s so fatandugly.’
(often used as a portmanteau but fat is not the same as ugly, and ugly is not the same as fat. A person can be both or just one). 

People use these phrases often, but once fat is redefined as a neutral word used to describe a person, it’s genuinely no different that calling someone tall or short or left-handed.
This documentary both reclaims the word and dismantles the stigma in it by presenting an amazing group of fat dancers that would put your fav’s dancer to shame (no, really, they would).

Champion remarks that “… in a world where almost all media images peddle the skinny-as-beautiful line, it can be challenging seeing these large bodies taking the stage with neither shame nor embarrassment, showing them off with confidence. “


 And she’s right. I can imagine these dancers’ bodies challenging some viewers because they don’t look like what we think when we think of  stereotypical dancers. To Champion’s earlier point, we ‘other’ different bodies because it creates and perpetuates a ‘haves and have nots’ paradigm. In that space, one kind of body is always ‘in’ (and receives benefits from that) and one kind of body is always ‘out.’ But what happens when we stop accepting that premise and decide that ALL healthy* bodies are good and acceptable? Well, in my head, it seems like if all healthy bodies are in, then everyone has a chance to feel great. But, for the people who had cornered the market on good bodies, if you expand the definition, then you dilute their power and privilege. In short, constantly pitting bodies against each other is a highly profitable game. If you don’t believe me, go check out a woman’s magazine. If you took out all articles that told you how to edit your body in some way, how much magazine would have left? I’m guessing, not much.

*I am well aware that someone will concern troll and cry ‘but what about the sickly fatties?!’ so let me cut you off at the pass; one should always pay attention to health issues that are often connected (but do not necessarily correlate) to obesity included diabetes, hypertension and high blood pressure. But those maladies can be associated with ANY human body, no matter the size of their pants. So to the extent you feel and are healthy inside and out, feel free to do so in any body you choose. Plus nothing’s wrong with girls that are BBW, they look great AND they’ll eat a full and healthy lunch with you.

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#QLFGivesBack; Sweat 4 A Cause Charity Boot Camp!


You may know me as Irv, your friendly neighborhood Certified Personal Fitness Trainer and Quantum Leap Fitness Blogger-in-Chief but you might not know that this digital space is part of my organization’s larger goal which is to explore and think critically about health, fitness and its role in today’s culture.

Ultimately,  QLF’s mission is to push the culture forward by changing the way our generation thinks about health, fitness, sports and even the athletes who play them. But to do that we know that we first have to be the change we want to see around us.

What’s Keeping Us Up at Night?

Diabetes. Compared to the general population, African Americans are disproportionately affected by this disease. According to research, diabetes is 60% more common in Black Americans than any other group. Scientists have made considerable progress on curing on Type 1 Diabetes and findings suggest that a key part of a cure is early detection. However Type 2 Diabetes remains incurable and can only be regulated.

What Are We Going To Do About It?

Recently, my uncle was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes.  He is a man I deeply respect, admire and consider a father figure. Knowing that he now has an incurable disease touched me to my core.  But it forced me to think about a way to impact our future and current culture by focusing on preventative measures to make sure that no one else’s loved one has to live with this disease. So, Quantum Leap Fitness is going to  “Sweat For A Cause!” At our charity bootcamp,  our  mission is to raise diabetes awareness within our community by creating a day for exercise, nutrition, and education for 100+ fitness participants.

A portion of the proceeds from the event will go to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)- The only global organization with a strategic plan to bring those living with Type 1 Diabetes continuous flow of life-changing therapies and, ultimately, a cure for the disease.

How Can You Help?

Changing the world is lofty and big dream. But if we could do it alone, we aren’t dreaming big enough. Here are 3 ways in which you can help:

1. Share!

Feel free to say something like this: 

On August 29, join @ZeusDaGreat91 at ‘Sweat 4 a Cause’ Charity Bootcamp to help end Type 2 diabetes! http://ow.ly/2bu3eS #QLF #fitness #nyc

2.  Sweat!

I’m always excited to meet my readers and the QLF blog community. If you are in the NYC area (or would like to take a trip to the fair Republic of Brooklyn), come out and join us!

3. Run (Those Pockets)! 

Kidding. Kind of. If you can’t come out, do what you can to support the cause. Invest in our community by donating here.

As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork. Let’s work together to keep our communities healthy and informed. Can’t wait to see you there!

Does Juicing Work ? 

Every decade or so, we find a new fitness trend to jump on. Sometimes it’s a successful gamble, but most times it’s merely the favor of the week and tends to hold very little weight (no pun intended). Now, the current hot topic is juicing. Before we break down the myths and truths about juicing, I do want to mention that it’s been around for a while. It’s mainly used by the gym-fanatic, overzealous health “freak,” so this isn’t a new idea. But the way the world works is funny…it always comes back around.
What exactly is juicing ? 
Juicing is the process of extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables. Drinking the juice of fruits and vegetables means consuming their water and much of their vitamin and mineral content.

Juicing vs Whole food fruits and vegetables

Alot of advocates of juicing have lead us to believe that juice is more nutritious than simply consuming fruits and vegetables. To compare the nutrition of whole fruits and vegetables to juice, you kind of have to compare oranges to oranges (see what I did there). With that being said, it’s important to know that whole foods tend to contain more vitamins and minerals due to the fact that when juicing you will remove the skin (which a lot of vitamins are in or around).
Now if we are calling a spade a spade, most people juice as a way to get veggies and fruits into their diets without having to actually bag up fruits and veggies. The one thing we heard all our lives is “eat greens and fruits to lose weight”. The fiber content is always higher in the whole produce since it is primarily found in the pulp, which is removed with the traditional juicing process. Fiber is one of the key reasons that fruits and vegetable are so good for us.

Okay! So we just looked at juicing vs whole foods and we have whole foods up 10-9 on the scorecard right now. Let’s discuss the myths and see if we can co-sign them or bust them!

Will juicing detox my body?
NO! Now I fear that an angry mob of juicers and fitness junkies are going to be outside my door. * looks outside window* Sorry to break the news to y’all. This doesn’t mean you have to get your money back from the Instagram trainers but there is no scientific evidence showing that ingredients in juices help to eliminate toxins. In fact, your body is pretty well-equipped with its own detoxing systems. So to keep your organs functioning at peak performance, a balanced diet consisting of minimally-processed, nutrient-dense foods is needed. The body cannot survive on the nutrients in fruits and vegetables (or their juice) alone. Therefore, a juicing cleanse may actually be preventing the body from functioning the right way. 
Does juicing help you lose weight ?
Yes…no…I mean, yes…but no. Complicated, I know. Here’s how this works. If you incorporate juicing to your regular diet, this will have positive impact on your weight loss journey. A typical 12oz glass of juice is around 180 calories which can serve as a good snack.
On the flip side…
If the goal is to juice-only, A) you won’t get enough protein and fiber during that time that you will essentially lose muscle mass and B) this will slow down metabolism while increasing hunger, thus risking the chance of actually gaining weight. Sounds like being an overweight vegetarian (just saying). Juicing only might be worth it as a short term decision to kick start pending fitness goals but not a long term solution.
Is juicing even healthy considering all the warnings about it?
It is, but like I stated, it’s not a long term solution. The best way to get the necessary nutrients is to incorporate the whole foods into your daily routine.

So now that you have a better understanding, head over to the kitchen and eat some raw carrots… or maybe not.
Be right back *takes call from lance Armstrong about juicing* 
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