Workout Wednesday, Vol 1. Issue 4

#WorkoutWednesday is back in full effect and today we are introducing  personal trainer “StretchD” to the public with our post! As we work to get our community up and moving we figured, why not work with other trainers to get the message across?

Today’s workout is “Barbell Bicep Curls.” This workout is great for the arms , forearms, and shoulders! As you watch the video, check out StetchD’s form;  As you’ll see,  the goal is to keep the back straight and tighten the core while the range of motion is in the frontal plane. This will force your lower back to activate due to the stressor of having weight pull forward.  Whether the goal is huge arms or a leaner look, the curl is a catalyst for growth and  one of the best workouts you can do for arms due to its simplicity and effectiveness.

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In the NYC area and interested in improving your fitness level? Let’s get started!


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