Workout Wednesday, Vol. 1, Issue 3

This week’s workout Wednesday highlights some of the best workouts you can do to strengthen your core and create defined abdominal muscles.

 Now,  I don’t believe in ‘Microwave Abs (as in ” do this and presto;  a 6-pack!).”

I’m more of the “with proper nutrition and fitness you can develop that 6-pack ” sort.   I’ll say it again; the road to the perfect stomach is paved by

1. Lowering  body fat to the point at which your abs will be visible;

2. Incorporating abdominal workouts will help bring the ” abs” out.

You need both to see results.  The point of these workouts is to strengthen your core which, in turn will increase workout ability, thus allowing you to achieve your fitness goals quickly.

 Caveats aside, check out today’s workout video and once you’re done, try 25 reps of each exercise yourself!



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