Does Size Matter?

If you clicked on this link because of the title,  kindly get  your mind out the gutter, creep : )

* Pulls out calculator and computes that the total amount of calories I will consume on Thursday after 12 hours of eating is 6,873.*

Before you look at me cross-eyed, keep in mind that according to the calorie control council, the average person eats about 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day!  Good thing I never claimed to be average. Thanksgiving’s inflated caloric intake is just a microcosm of the problem we face with understanding proper food portions. Folks decide that it’s just one day, so who cares if you overload your plate(s); Mom made twelve different dishes and there’s no world in which you don’t try them all.

thanksgiving stats

This is exactly why I planned to make pop-up trips to all my client’s houses this week! Strangely, they weren’t into that idea. So as a happy medium, I felt explaining the importance of sizing your meals would be beneficial to us all.

Whether you endeavor to gain weight or lose it,  your food portions matter. Every day I meet people who go hard at the gym but never pay attention to their food portions, so they don’t see results. The thing is, not watching your portion sizes makes you kind of like Penelope—working hard all day at the gym, but ‘at night, by torchlight, you undo what you had done,’ you know? (My name is Zeus—you had to know I know a l’il about Greek Mythology).

In order to lose fat, your body has to burn more energy than it receives.  The energy potential of food is measured in calories—which is directly impacted by portion size.  So eating too many calories creates more potential energy than the body needs.  Since it has no way to burn it off, those calories just hang out and turn into chub.  Thus, you gain weight from overeating–whether you consume healthy food options or not.

Yes; EVEN if it’s healthy food like fruit–especially in the form of smoothies with calorie-rich ingredients like yogurt bananas or peanut butter. Sure, those are all healthy items, but the calories they hold also add up. A smoothie can set you back 300-plus calories, depending on what you throw in. And, if that smoothie is a meal replacement, that’s fine. But things get tricky when that high calorie smoothie is considered a ‘snack’ and there’s a full meal chaser coming right behind it. For example, you probably want to avoid the Peanut Butter Moo’d at Jamba Juice, which is a whopping 770.

Here are some ways to manage your food portioning and enjoy your holiday without a visit from me:

1. Learn to read food labels. Pay attention to the calorie and fat content per serving, but also see how many servings are in the container. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard of clients diligently looking for tasty, healthy treats and finding them, only to realize (after eating the everything in the package ) that those awesome nutritional deets were for ONE serving and the package they just ate actually had 3 servings.

average caloric amounts

2. Don’t skip meals. When you skip meals you’re more likely to eat a larger portion than you need due to the perceived “hunger”.

3. Weigh and/or measure your food. The fact that most people don’t know what a cup fill of rice looks like is a recipe for disaster (see what I did there?) For the holidays, most folks will be away from their kitchen and their scales and measuring spoons. So, you can actually use your eyes and hands to figure out a proper portion size.

portion sizes

4. Use a smaller plate. At home, serve your meals on smaller plates. Your plate will look full, but you’ll be eating less.

5. Slow down and skip second helpings. Eat one reasonable serving. Give yourself time to digest (about 20 minutes) and then ask yourself if you’re still actually hungry. No, literally ask yourself the question and then think about how you feel.  Often times, you’ll find that the answer is no and your stomach will tell you as much. On the off chance that you are still hungry, get more and make that serving smaller than your first. Better still, if you are still hungry, make the next thing you eat something completely healthy. Find some carrot sticks or some broccoli.

‘But I don’t WANT carrot stick!’ you grumble in response.

Well then, you aren’t really hungry. See how well that works?

6. If all else fails, remember that balance matters. If you know that all of Mom’s dishes are a must-have, then go for it and enjoy yourself, but plan accordingly. If you plan to put in work on Thanksgiving, perhaps Monday-Wednesday are very low-calorie, low-carb, high-protein meals. Maybe Black Friday (or better still, Small Business Saturday) starts at 1pm because Track Friday began at the gym around 10am.

Now that we’ve gotten  logistics out of the way, go forth, my readers and enjoy thy turkey, purple potato salad and stuffing! …Cause I’m sure I’ll see you at the gym on November 28 looking to work that off.

* Puts tupperware in car to get ready for Thursday’s turkey…I mean client visits *

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Reps,Sets and Sex


[Brooklyn, NY, early-aughts. 17-year-old Irv anticipates (with arguably a little too much excitement) the arrival of a lady friend. The doorbell rings…]

“She’s here! ”

[Takes off shirt and starts doing 50 push-ups to get a pump and ready for sex]

Fast forward to 10 minutes later…

I’m sated, she’s pleased and I credit my great performance to my tricep and chest pre-workout routine.

Fellas, we’ve all been there; your lady is on her way over, so you get a quick set of 50 in.  Back in the day, such things were statistically shown to improve performance in the bedroom. Now ladies, I wouldn’t be surprised if you gals did 3 sets of 20 deep squats along with abductor and adductor workouts before we rang the doorbell yourselves. We don’t do these things because of a sudden interest in cardiovascular health; we want to perform better and look as desirable as possible before we “tango.” These quick workouts will get you to look the part, but will they actually help you to get the job done? And really, do you actually need to look good to get the job done or does getting the job done help you to look better?

lift locs love

So which comes first? The hot chick(en) or the strong egg?

Does good sex equal good health or good health equal good sex? Considering we all are doing the horizontal dance (If your 21 and over. If not, go read this post about pre- and post- workout meals or something) but are becoming less healthy as a nation, my guess is that it’s the latter; but let’s check out both sides.

When we exercise, endorphins are released in our brain. Endorphins relieve stress by lowering cortisol levels. Relaxed, non-stressed bodies turn to more amorous thoughts . This is beneficial because stress is one of the biggest inhibitors to a healthy sex life. These endorphins also releases gender specific hormones into our blood stream, which ultimately turns your garden variety amorous thought into straight up lust and hopefully, some sex. Not to mention, when you feel your best, it’s way easier to get naked and be relaxed with you partner which has a direct correlation to performance.

From cardio to strength training, the work you do in weight room manifests itself in the bedroom.  You think that man is sweating profusely 60 seconds into your encounter because you’ve got that ‘GoodGood?’ Think she can’t manage to ride for more than 30 seconds because you’re too much to handle? Hardly.  Both are a result of poor physical health.

Regular exercise definitely improves sexual performance. And one of the many ways it does so is by improving and strengthening your stamina. Cardio exercise toughens the heart, lung capacity and muscles, thus you develop more stamina and power in general. Hopefully, you take those new found gains into the bedroom.

So, you want to get hot and heavy? Start your foreplay at the gym. Here are some workouts that will directly affect your performance and turn you into a “Zeus” in the bedroom :

hold legs


To improve your sex life, do some push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches. These muscle-building exercises can lead to better sex by strengthening the shoulders, chest, and abs, which men need to hold themselves in the missionary position (among others) and women use to for doggy style.


Lifting weights regularly will increases your body’s natural testosterone which in turn will make you more sexual aggressive thus allowing you to satisfy your needs and your partner’s. To get that testosterone up try  barbell deadlifts and squats or even kegels.


Whether it is doing aerobics, running or swimming, doing cardio-vascular exercises help to increase blood circulation. Good circulation helps in the process of arousal, which is especially essential for male performance and for arousing female erogenous zones.

Let me stimulate your mind while I run my tongue up Ur spine, tickle your inner thigh with my touch and watch you quiver In lust…(#BARRS!)

passion tattoos

I know, I know;  sex burns calories. And I’m a fan of  sweaty, acrobatic, no holds barred sex, but how many rounds would one have to do to actually get real fitness benefits (That was rhetorical, not a dare, guys), because that 8-minute workout is hardly enough to get you to your fitness goal. The truth is, the most important muscle you need for sex is your mind and how you connect to your partner. Frankly, that connection might mean define a healthy sexual relationship than the physicality of it. This level of attraction starts in the self love  and self ones allows that person to be increasingly sexually free.  We underestimate the heart’s role in this act but if you keep in mind the mental connection of two hearts beating, talking without talking, understanding your partner’s body without being directed, that all stems from the brains ability to fall in love with the moment. Health and fitness doesn’t only relate to having a six pack and amazing hamstrings; it also encompasses the flow of energy between two people.

* puts on clothes and does ” I put it down dance while she lasts in fertile position *

Eat clean. Lift heavy. Sex well.

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