Food After Dark XXX

“Your metabolism slows down late at night.”
“All of your energy goes to digestion so you won’t sleep well.”
“Your body doesn’t need calories at night, so they turn to fat.”

In the quest for the perfect body, please raise your hand if you have heard this propaganda before.

*looks at a room of hands to the ceiling *

In all fairness, it does sound like it makes a lot of sense but I’m here to tell you be free my child; eat up and eat late (responsibly )!  People think that eating once the sun goes down will transform their body in something less favorable. Basically, according to ” them” you’re some kind of mutant. Like Teen Wolf, but for carbs, or something. 

While this doesn’t mean take this blog into the kitchen and justify that 10pm slice of cheesecake,  it does mean that the conventional wisdom about late night eating is flawed.

In order to understand why we think like this, we need to understand how the body works. Losing weight requires that you consume less energy (calories) than you expend, and meal timing has little bearing on this. .All foods are made up of calories, which you have to consume to lose weight and gain muscle. Let me repeat; Food is fuel. You need calories for your body to function normally, let alone at a level optimal enough for you to alter your body’s make-up.  The foods you eat fuel your body to help you get through the day. If the food you eat contains more calories than your body needs, then the excess is converted into fat which your body stores to use later. For every 3500 extra calories you consume, your body produces 1 lb. of fat.

 So, about that leftover pasta you are about to microwave?  Put that down; keep reading.

in the fridge

1970s-era dietitian, Adelle Davis, famously wrote, “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper.”

Davis is essentially advising that we eat full breakfast, a moderate at lunch and like your scared of the digestive system at night. We have to take into account that people who are up late due to working, IG stalking or just having fun should not have to starve to see results because someone said 7pm is the cut off time for your  last meal of the day. The goal here is to keep the caloric intake in line with what the body needs to facilitate a change in weight.

So ladies and gentlemen, How much weight you gain (or lose) depends solely on how many calories you take in and how many calories you burn. It doesn’t matter if you consume calories after 7p.m because whether you consume calories at 7am. or 7pm, your body will react the same way.

* notices the sharp decline in page views mainly because people clicked the ‘red X’ at the top right of their screens and are walking towards the kitchen*

ice creamCan you eat after 7pm? Sure. What can you eat after 7pm? Now, that’s the question. While eating after 7pm won’t increase the amount of weight you may gain, there are still some risks to late night snacking. Most people don’t plan meals and when you combine late night foraging for food with a poor meal plan, you’re on a slippery slope towards poor food choices. So, the problem isn’t that you ate it at after 7pm, the problem was that ‘it’ was a donut. Instead of grabbing a bag of chips, you should grab a piece of fruit or a vegetable. The best options are healthy, high-fiber foods  or high in protein foods that will satisfy your hunger without packing lots of calories.

healthy snack 2

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Read the Fine Print

Physiologically, relationships start from the minute we lay our eyes on you. Before you said a word or told us that you workout (yes, that’s the deal closer) we were attracted to your figure, squat ability, appearance  , tricep separation and representation. Fast forward past the awkward hello, dates, arguments, and “behind your bushes”  stalking  we now have a life together. But in this new life, you STILL have to workout

I know, I know; most women abandon the cardio machines for cuddling in the honeymoon phase. But while movie dates and endless restaurant-hopping  are the stuff romantic memories are made of, one thing that seems to get lost is the idea that “this is how you came, this how you should stay.”  Or in laymen’s terms; you are not allowed to gain any weight.

feeding couple

* hears an angry protestor screaming, ”  A real man will love me however I am or get !”*

Yes, we love you and cherish the fact that you are willing to bear our kids, work, cook (if  you get home before your partner) and still stimulate our minds, But keep in mind the idea that men are visual creatures and 43 percent of women gain weight compared to just 29 percent of men in relationships. Actually, it’s said that women tend to eat more when they’re happy and as a result, the average woman gains seven pounds over the first year of a new relationship.


Now, most men will avoid this conversation (because it seems like surefire way to die by your lady’s hand) but whether we’re brave enough to bring It up or not, signs of lowered interest may show up nevertheless. To be clear, I’m NOT justifying these actions but I can understand why they happen. For many women, it seems that the point of working out was to find a mate and once they garner one,  they go ahead and put the dumbbells down. Suddenly the woman that screamed ‘Eat Clean, Train Dirty,’ is cooing ‘Love Hard, Eat Often’ to her new guy. The thing is that research shows that people who work out more often tend to have sex more often. So that woman who worked out to the get the guy, quite literally should continue to work out to keep him satisfied. Another study showed that 80 percent of men and 60 percent of women who exercised two to three times weekly rated their own sexual desirability as above average. This idea makes perfect sense; the laws of attraction create space in the universe for couples to enjoy each other as was apparent when the relationship first blossomed.

Now allow me to be devil’s advocate; if your significant other where to find you less attractive because you chose to stop doing the thing that made you physically attractive in the first place …is he wrong for developing a roaming eye? He is, but we should understand how it happens. The bottom line is simple; your health alone should be the number one reason for heading to the gym, but maybe a good second reason could be the idea of sustaining a lasting relationship?

* looks at angry mob approaching me *

In no way am I saying we shouldn’t enjoy restaurants, temporarily maroon ourselves to Couch Island or dedicate less time into the gym( well… Not sure about that last one ), but can I be honest?  There’s nothing better (and according to the data, longer lasting) than a couple that sweats together.
Looking for a few ways to bring love to the gym?
– create a fun workout routine with your significant other

– make a healthy dinner together as opposed to eating out

– have an open conversation about the importance of health and fitness and its role in the relationship

– contact me @bodybyzeustraining; I  LOVE love and will happily kick both your butts in a group session.

* walks into crowd of women and kisses every hand ….gestures suavely to the lit candle,  baked chicken and  sweet potato, dinner by the elliptical machine*

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