You’re Waisting Your Time

* puts on bullet proof vest, jumps into armored vehicle, uses the megaphone to tell you all…


* speeds off at 100 mph as a hostile group of women chase my motorcade on foot *  

finds irony in this fact because they don’t like to workout and that waist training has them breathing high and shallow anyway 

 As the number of people giving into the waist training craze rapidly increases and everyone’s favorite Instagram model promotes it wildly, you’d would think #WaistTrainingSuccess would be a trending topic. Except, after you invest $49.99  and 3 months, most folks realize that  they are exactly who they were before they started…minus $49.99, of course. So they go ahead and add that torture devise to  their collection of home workout DVDs .  Because while it appears to be a brilliant idea that has a great marketing scheme it’s actually just that; a scheme.

So,  let’s not “waist” any more time; jump into this craze with me.

“Waist training; a gradual process of waist reduction using a latex waist cincher or corset. Also known as waist cinching, this practice came to prominence during Victorian times”

 pink waist trainer

 Ladies, use your heads; you want to modify your body? You want to look ‘snatched?’ You have to know there is no short cut to real success. Although these products promise you a hip-to-waist ratio that brings all boys to the yard, this “quick fix”  can never change who you really are genetically and physiologically. In this cultural moment, we seem perfectly content to look healthy as opposed to actually being healthy. Companies know that folks are far happier to pay in dollars for ‘the look’ than they’d be to pay in sweat for the actual body, so they joyfully take advantage.

Here’s their big theory:

” Don’t want to workout hard!? Great! Eat fruits and veggies, put this waist trainer on, go to the gym and show it off while on the treadmill , take it off and BOOM; you’ve lost 2 inches!’

before after trainer

Well thank you, Captain Breakthroughs in Modern Science.

Now, for some logic: Using a waist trainer will naturally  apply pressure and elevate the temperature in that specific area (the stomach). This will force that area’s sweat glands  to produce at a higher rate, thus allowing it to quickly impact the area by decreasing its size.  The body stores most of its water weight in the mid-section so if using a waist training, as one starts to lose weight they initially lose water weight first. So…my compliments to Captain Breakthroughs; you will indeed lose weight if you wear a waist trainer. Except it’s water weight and has absolutely no relationship to body fat. Actually, all that water you sweated off will come right back the minute you down a glass of water. So yes! Some form of change will happen but ‘change’ isn’t really the right word. You’re sort of temporarily evaporating…like water in a boiling pot.

If I paid someone 50 of my hard-earned dollars and then strapped myself into a latex vice everyday for 8 hours, I might start to wonder, ” if this really worked and got rid of body fat , why do I have to keep wearing it over and over? Shouldn’t one month be enough ?”

“Waist training[sic].  All our shapers are for redefining the body by wearing the shaper 8-10 hrs a day, everyday.  Waist training your [sic] waist daily results in:  reduced waistline, weight loss, losing at least 4 inches off your waist, firmed, & flattened your stomach, better posture, reduced back pain & strengthened core, great for post-partum pregnancy[sic].  Waist training is great to add to your daily activity.  The more you waist train the more results you will see.”


Appealing , I must admit. The only hitch is that waist trainers allege that one can lose weight from a specific area.

Otherwise known as a spot reduction. Otherwise known as not physiologically possible.

The body must work as a complete unit to maximize caloric expenditure and help lose unwanted body fat. However, it’s always beneficial to strengthen the muscles underneath the fat, so indulge me; try to do a crunch with a waist trainer on.

I’ll wait.

*Sips on protein shake and turns up the new Wiz Khalifa joint while waiting in armored car*

Welcome back.

I think you found that you couldn’t complete one because waist trainers restrict movement. So, you can’t contract your abdominal muscles, which is how you will strengthen your core and create the desired aesthetic.

Ok, so let’s say I just want to put waist training companies out of business; that I prefer women to invest in personal training and slave away at the gym.  Let’s say all the “testimonials” are legit and money back guarantees are sound.  But, where is their visual proof?  Where is a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month transformation that justifies these claims?

There aren’t any. At least not any that aren’t using the most effective waist trainer of all: Photoshop.

“There’s misinformation that body shape and body weight can be easily changeable to society’s standards,” says Leslie Heinberg, MD, Director of Behavioral Sciences for the Bariatric and Metabolic Institute at Cleveland Clinic. “But we come in all different shapes and sizes and some of us aren’t meant to have a tiny waist.”

So we talked about what it doesn’t do, let’s talk about what it does do.

Waist trainers compress the stomach and push the fat around instead of eliminating it. While this sounds like a good idea, your organs, now shoved into a new area in your body, disagree. Excuse me while I practice my Ph. D skills; The point of a waist trainer is to force the torso into a reduced size. It also reduces the space within it. Many waist trainers force the torso to taper towards the waist, which pushes the lower ribs inwards. As a consequence, internal organs are moved closer together and out of their original positions in a way similar to the way a pregnant woman’s expanding uterus causes the organs to be displaced. As this happens, lungs’ volume diminishes and so you tend to breathe ‘high’ in the upper portion of the lungs (it feels like simply lifting your chest), rather than ‘low and deep’ with the whole lung apparatus (a professionally-trained singer friend of mine refers to this as ‘breathing into your back’ ) . Since you’re using the lower portion of your lungs less, fluid begins to build-up, and your body will react by  by developing a persistent cough to clear up the problem.

waist trained shape

 I was once taught that “everybody has a price.” But ladies, my question is, how much are you worth to yourself? Certainly more than a quick fix and lung full of fluid.

You want to do little waist training on Friday night to accentuate your perfect outfit? Great.  You think beauty is pain and you may be right. But be a glutton for the right kind of punishment; take that torture device off. Go get your butt kicked at your local gym instead.

*Waves white flag out of armored car. Hopes you notice there’s an awesome core-focused workout plan on it.*

Teal, Whitney 2013

Darby, Robby 2014 2014

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  1. Melly D. says

    Lol! This was amusing. I know a lot of females who do this. I knew it was water weight that would be lost, Just like if u wrap yourself in saran wrap. I never really thought about the moving organs. It makes sense, of course. It’s not worth it! I will direct my friends to this post for sure. I enjoyed this read. Keep ’em coming.

  2. says

    I waist train and I just said I’m stopping it because the fat moved to my thighs and hips. I so agree for a one night deal, it’s awesome. But for real results, diet and exercise are the key.

  3. says

    I use to waist train but put mine away because I notice the fat moved to my hips and things. I agree it’s good for wearing with an outfit occasionally. But good ole diet and exercise is still the best thing going.

  4. Alice Lafferty says

    1) you should credit your stolen images
    2) 50 dollar corsets are not made for waist training and will do damage
    3) it doesn’t take three months it takes at least a year
    4) most latex corsets are unsuitable for training due to stretch
    5) it will change your physiology over time when done slowly with diet and exercise
    6) an instant 2-3 inch reduction is natural. That’s just natural squish like squeezing into skinny jeans.
    7) the body temperature in the stomach is not raised, if anything it is slightly cooler with less blood due to the compression
    8) size decrease only occurs when fat, organs and tissue are shifted usually down or up referred to as pooch or muffin top. The body can easily handle shift much like when women become pregnant or the amount of organ ‘jiggle’ one gets when jogging.
    9) Water weight is usually lost first due to the compaction of the stomach as it works similarly to a temporary gastric band. It will also reduce bloating and swelling which is perfect for women who suffer such conditions as endometriosis
    10) as for the thought that one day may be enough and why should you continually wear it, it’s like the gym. If you don’t use that muscle you will lose it.
    11) as for spot reduction this won’t happen however every corset ‘fad’ site (the like of which you are referring to) are not run by tightlacers or corsetiers. Among the absolute site there are some absolute gems of info on the Web such as Lucy’s corsetry. Check out her YouTube… You linked one of her videos you should check out the rest.. And a shout out to her as you stole her image (gold corset) which I might add isn’t latex.
    12)corsets allow for pelvic muscles to be used. I haven’t done a crunch in God knows how long but my stomach is flat and toned. Having to use muscles in your pelvis and upper torso everytime you get up and down has been good enough work out for me so far.
    13)the black and white image of the normal waist are extremely outdated and compression is no where near that extreme

    And how do I know this? I have been waist training 4 years. My original waist size was 27″ down to 25″ unlaced. My smallest size has been 18″ however I comfortably sit at 20″. I get disc bulges, lower and upper back pain, swelling of the abdomen and bad gastric back up and gas. The solution for me? A well made custom corset and a bit of patience.

    • Abby says

      I agree that she should site her pictures, however I completely disagree with everything you just said below it. Great, you’ve been waist training for a good bit and its reduced your waist size. Still doesn’t make it healthy. She’s also referring to the trend which most women are doing, and I personally know women who use the $50 cheap, metal-ribbed corsets and have seen YouTube videos and other “beauty” posts on it. Women DO use exactly what she’s talking about. Her entire point though is that it’s not your best method to getting a small waist. Besides, I’d rather have sculpted abs made by my own hard work, than a fake ass waist done by a corset. As for your health problems, something tells me you’re also not apt to eating properly and using food as a healing and preventive measure to your conditions. I used to have everything you described, which also took hard work and a proper “diet” (lifestyle) to fix. You sound like a butt-hurt and stubborn woman who doesn’t want to admit that this post is correct. Your number 10 reference is also completely irrelevant. It is NOT like a muscle you don’t use, so don’t even. Number 12, well proof enough that, again, she’s right. You haven’t done a crunch in how long? Stop being lazy. If working your pelvic muscles is enough of a workout for you, then I am deeply sorry. Congrats on your tiny 20″ waist that will look like a sagging sock when you age, I’ll take my hard earned abs and fantastic health any day. She even says it above, that it’s now “socially acceptable to LOOK healthy without even actually BEING healthy”, which is her entire point that just went straight over your head. I see this post is old, so I hope you’ve learned by now.

  5. Issy says

    You appear to confuse waist training corsets (the steel boned garments that are properly fitted to focus a temporary reduction to the waist which, over a period spanning years, can potentially lead to a few inches recuction in one’s waist size) with the new fandangled latex weight loss tubes that are being sold to make a quick buck off unsuspecting women trying out the new weight loss craze.
    (Also, image theft. Not cool bro)

    • says

      It’s all the same when you consider the fact that neither are really allowing you to lose weight , considered a temp solution , and require you to make an investment on the hopes and dreams of being a certain image and the people who take advantage of it

      • Issy says

        Well, yes and no. In some cases you’re absolutely right. People waist train using steel boned corsets OR latex cinchers as a quick fix. But the majority of waist trainers using steel boned corsets are not doing it to lose weight. They are doing it as a temporary body modification for a certain aesthetic goal, and weight loss doesn’t even come into it. The body shape seen in the first image in this article (used without permission, may I add) could never be achieved by exercise and diet.

  6. Ansley says

    I’m very unhappy with your use of my friend’s image without her permission.

    Secondly, I will repeat what Issy said; true corset-wearing ladies and gentlemen understand they are achieving a temporary body modification and that over time (with repeated, consistent use) they will achieve a semi permanent, subtle change in appearance which must be maintained to continue the desired aesthetic.

    Those women and men are not comparative in any way to others who are selling latex/ spandex/ neoprene flutes ‘tubes’ and claiming permanent results and weight loss.

    You do your business a disservice by speaking authoritatively on a subject you have clearly not adequately researched.

    • says

      While you have a sub culture of people who you would consider ” true corset-wearing ladies and gents” you also have a culture who see this as the ” latest thing” ( yes, aware it’s been around for centuries ) and big business who take advantage of the hopes of a culture . My piece highlights that. While you understand the fact that it will not create weight loss and the changes are not permanent I trust you. Do your good service by tell people this .. And on this platform… I will do the same.

      • Ana says

        The true corset wearer does not do so to lose weight and lumping a corset wearer in with the waist clincher craze is unfair and misleading. In fact, the experts will caution you against wearing the latex clincher and educate on the differences and the dangers of confusing the two. Please make an effort to further research the subject before making blanket claims. It takes away from your intended message.

      • Just D says

        Being a fitness instructor one would suspect that he did some research. Thus there being a quote from an actual doctor. And honestly the biggest argument is that pictures were used without permission. Well I hope none of you go on facebook and tag other people’s photos; cuz I know you don’t write them to ask them first. Besides I see that picture of your friend all over advertisements on facebook. He is not trying to insult you based on fiction, he is informing those who do use this device for the loss of weight. If you are not that person then please be so kind as to keep your accusatory comments to yourself. bodybyzeus, the actual fitness instructor, keep doing your job and promote GOOD HEALTH AND EXERCISE tips. In the end they’ll see the side effects and pay the doctor a lot of money for “cinched”, “clinched” and messed up organs. GOOD DAY!

  7. says

    I think you’re confusing waist training and wrapping. Waist training isn’t meant to lose weight and corsetting has been around for centuries actually. I got results years ago, but definitely not how they’re advertising it nowadays. 8-10hrs? Lol more like 23hrs.

  8. Bri says

    Like it was said above, I think most people do not expect weight loss. They just want that hour glass shape and I doubt doin sit-ups will do the trick, sure it will make your stomach flat but it won’t give you the actual curves

    • Joe says

      Are you being completely serious with this comment? Jesus, it’s people like you who buy this crap and are tying to attain something that is just not….well, attainable. “Yeah you’ll have a flat stomach but not the curves????’ You want curves go eat a donut. Heard they’ll give you plenty of those.

  9. says

    Bravo! I love it! I couldn’t have said it better myself because I probably would have been way more offensive lol. So glad someone finally talked about this garbage.

  10. jj says

    Thank you man…
    I’m tired of people jumping on these fads because they see their favorite ig model shaped like an 8 & think that’s what their supposed to look like.

  11. ryka says

    If you want to look half human half horse and have a super flat stomach and giant horse thighs then be my guest, “waist training” isn’t going to make you look anything but stupid and gross .. I hate seeing girls waist train , no I’m not jealous!

  12. says

    Reblogged this on She's Evolving and commented:
    I read this article posted by BODYBYZEUS and I thought I would share it with you, and share my own thoughts as well. Although I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion, and should always do what works best for them, I have to say that BodybyZeus is spot on in his post. As you are well aware, I am one who likes to try different products and report my experience with them, and some how I had forgotten to discuss the “waist snatching” excitement flooding Instagram. The pictures generally show a “before” picture with someone having their belly hanging out, followed by an “after” photo that shows what they look like with the waist snatcher on.
    I bought one. Although I have a small waist, I wanted to see what the hype was about, and I thought it would support my back during weight training-(but I was in for a rude awakening). I would first like to add that when I was a little girl, my mother taught me to hold my stomach in. It took me a while to grasp the concept, but I got it down without wanting to pass out from holding my breath (ha!). Now as a grown woman, I realize that what she taught me was how to strengthen my core and I do it to this very day. Now back to waist snatching…
    When I put on the waist snatcher, the first thing I realized was how challenging it was for me to breathe. I was laboring short, shallow breaths because of how tightly I was being squeezed; I figured it was an adjustment period. The second thing that I noticed was that it prevented me from relying on my core strength to hold in my tummy and that the corset was doing all of the work. Great right? Absolutely not. My muscles weren’t holding my tummy in place, it was simply being squeezed in place and when I took it off, I didn’t feel the tightness that I do when I use my own core strength.
    I was most excited to try the corset at the gym but quickly learned that was not going to work. I could only run a fraction of the time because I was running on what felt like half of my air capacity-almost like trying to run while breathing through a straw. Not willing or ready to give up, I decided to only use it during weight training as a method of supporting my back. That did not work because my movements were so constricted and the constriction was negatively influencing my posture. Posture is very important during weight training because it prevents injury. Because of my limited movements, I was over compensating with other body parts and basically setting myself up for serious injury, so I let the corset go.
    I considered wearing it to work, or when I’m up and running errands and I can tell you it’s very uncomfortable to do much of anything in it. Again, the limitations it put on my movements made it difficult to drive in. Walking around in it was not so bad, with the exception of how the top of the corset pushes up right up under my breasts and it greatly conflicted with my bra. I was always adjusting myself, or finding myself tucking my t-shirt inside of it just to add some padding.
    In a nutshell, I will say that if you are looking for something to offer you a smooth looking silhouette under your clothes and have no intentions of moving-Go For It! However living in the real world has made this highly impractical for me to use. I say, save your money and invest in spending time on your body through a healthy well-balanced meal, plenty of exercise. Remember you must work your entire body and not isolate target “trouble” areas only.
    In my experience, the fastest way to lose a tummy is changing your diet, and running. ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN! Your body is built to be challenged and be active. It’s hard work that will pay off, and at the very least, you will adopt a healthier lifestyle that will continuously reward you. Avoid the gimmicks, put in the work and keep it simple!
    Thanks for the great post BodybyZeus!

  13. says

    To start You should make it clear it seems like your referring to people wearing a corset not s latex clincher, completely different and your sources are only for corsets. what about the people not trying to lose weight they are just using it for the additional back support or for the fat distribution to be more evenly? Im 130 lbs 5’7 with athletic abs , I use to cincher for about 4-6 hours a day . not every day maybe 3-5 days a week. I have seen a slight difference because now i look more curvy.

    Im not sure were you going about wearing the cincher while trying to do a crunch or sit up because i’m pretty sure anybody with common sense would take it off for portions of their workout that require core movement or bending… I actually do not wear mine to workout at all except while I do squats for the additional back support.

    I am in agreeance with you as far as some women do use it for a quick fix, it wont help you lose weight and people just want a miracle. That gets old. its not a magic trick its a process, stop being lazy and actually do some work to get real results.

  14. says

    I about get my head bitten off when I go off on squeems on my clients. Yet they keep wearing them, and this is mostly because their coach tells them to wear one. One of my clients who wears one is a nurse, for heavens sake! She knows better, but still wears the stupid thing bc her coach TELLS her to. Smh..dump the squeem, and if a coach tells u to wear one, dump the coach too

  15. Just J says

    This is informative and funny..I’ve recently purchased a waist cincher and now i think Im experiencing a prolapse..Im quite scared about it so Im making an appointment to the OBGYN asap! I shall see………..

  16. says

    Real waist training or corset training as it was used to be called is not to reduce fat… it is the continued use of Victorian style steel boned corsets that will in time subtly move your ribs and exactly as u said rearrange your organs… worn for years and gradually getting in to smaller and smaller corsets waistlines will have some permanent effect…. similar to cultures who elongate neck with rings or distort feet with constricting footwear its along the same line…. moving your rib cage is something that no exercise can do therefor a slim girl who has a wide rib cage and will corset train for a few years will in time modify its shape to be narrower and waist look smaller.
    With that said its a lot of suffering and unhealthy just to get a subtle change resulting in a few inches reduction…. and if you are trying to loose fat it will do nothing to help you with that. Also true most of those body shapers and latex waist trainers are not nearly strong enough to cause any permanent change in rib cage…. I would opt to just working out as best as you can while throwing on the right body shaper under your favorite dress on the weekend…

  17. says

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